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I like buying groceries with beautiful packages.  It makes me happy see bright little compositions behind the cabinet doors.  In honor of Earth Day this weekend, we reused these colorful tomato cans as geranium pots.  The graphic labels are printed on and will withstand drips from a watering can.  You will need:

*Recycled Can

*Can Opener

*Geranium, or other small plant

*Potting Soil

*Small Stones or Broken Clay Pot Shards

1. Wash and dry can.

2. Turn can over and punch a series of slits on the bottom to allow for drainage.  Our holes are about half an inch long.

3. Put one inch of stones inside can.

4. Put in plant and fill in any space with potting soil.  Soil line should be half an inch from the top of can so that it will not spill out when watered.

5. Place a tray or dish underneath when watering.

*These would make sweet Earth Day or Mother’s Day gifts.