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We have several versions of Alphabet books at our house and decided to make our own custom version.  We took the camera along on our daily walks and Ada pointed out each letter in the series.  It was fun to turn the alphabet into a treasure hunt and Ada loved getting the finished book back in the mail.  (She even spotted a V made out of her carrots at lunch time).  It took us about two days to find all 26, but could be a longer project depending on the signage in your hood.  You will need:


*Access to Photo Site.  (We used Iphoto, but there are lots of options)

1. Walk around and let your child find the alphabet.  (This can be done with little or lots of assistance depending on child’s age).

2. Take photo of each letter.

3. Upload photos, lay out one letter per page.

4. Add Title, Author, Locations, etc.

5. Order book. (The cost of our paperback book was under $30 with shipping).

*These would make fun gifts for kids and could be done for numbers, shapes, landmarks…So many possibilities!*