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We just did our yearly planting of Morning Gloria seeds in our window.  (Ada’s name for them from when she was two).  Planting the saved seeds reminded me that we’d taken photos of the growth last year in order to make this flip book project.  You will need:

*Growing Plants (We started the photos with newly planted seeds)


*Card Stock

*Double-stick Tape


*Hole Punch

*Ribbon or Yarn

1. Take a daily photo of the plants.  Be sure to stand in exactly the same spot and try for the same time each day.  (You may want to mark the spot with painter’s tape).

2. Print all photos once growth is complete.  It is important that the images be the same size.  (We used a regular printer to make our 2″x4″ photos).

3. Cut card stock to fit around photos, leaving a 1/8″ boarder on three sides and 1/4″ on the left for binding.  Make one extra for the cover.

4. Mark two spots for holes to be punched in one piece of the card stock.  Holes should be about 1/4″ in from the left side in order to put the ribbon through.

5. Punch holes in one piece of card stock and use this as a stencil to mark the others.  It is important that all holes are in the same place.

6. Put double stick tape on the back of a photo and line it up on the card stock.  Stick down, and repeat.

7. Stack photos in order of growth and thread ribbon through holes.

8. Hold book in left hand and flip to watch the garden grow!