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The weather has been tricky here the last few weeks.  The skies start blue and quickly turn to dark thunder clouds on our way out the door.  Ada got crafty on the box from our grill while she was stuck inside.  She used six rolls of tape and then kept going.  We had a bunch of the Kid Made Modern Todd Oldham tape and the $6.99 price tag was totally worth the two hours she spent constructing the fort.  Not a Box by Antoinette Portis is one of our favorite books, and great inspiration for box imaginings.  To make a tape fort of their own, your kids will need:

*Cardboard Box.  A large one for a kid-size fort, or smaller box for a stuffed animal lair.

*Paper Tape.  We used the Target tape, but colorful painter’s or washi tape also work well.  Just be sure kids can tear it by hand and they won’t need scissors.

*Glitter, Paint, Markers, Clips, Cardboard Tubes, Crayons, etc. for decorating.

1. Help open one side of the box so the child can sit inside.

2. Hand over the tape and stand back.

Rainy day saved!