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I can hardly believe that four years ago at this time we had just said goodbye to our midwife, ordered Indian food and sat staring at our brand new sleeping baby girl.  We were ecstatic and exhausted and in love.   The house was quiet and felt magical and full and we were suddenly no longer just a couple, but a family.   That Indian food was the best meal I have ever eaten.

I found this Indian chalk stencil (Chalk na dabba) at Tail of the Yak a few months ago.  I remember these stencils on doorsteps when I visited India.  They are usually amazing floral designs stamped out with colored chalk (chuna).  The stencils are punched out by hand on recycled tin.  I love the magic made from the most humble materials.  We filled ours with baking powder this morning and stamped along our front steps while Ada was out with Daddy.  She was quite pleased to find the little trail of birthday wishes up the steps and insisted on sitting out there in her birthday dress to let the neighbors know who owned the day.