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We just got back from two lovely weeks of beach vacation.  We have never gone on family vacation for that amount of time and it was pretty perfect.  We went to Nags Head, NC with family for the first week where we had Nan and Pappy and cousins to entertain the kids.  The second week we drove and took the ferry to Cape May, NJ to spend time with five families that we have know since Ada was three months old.  Cape May is a beach town full of beautiful Victorian mansions and bed and breakfasts.  We were right on the beach in Nags Head and the kids spent most of the days in the sand and warm water.  Our Cape May house was a five bedroom Victorian two blocks from the ocean.  We spent a lot of time on the porch rocking chairs with the kids playing around us.  All of us are back home now, happy to be back in Brooklyn and excited about the change in the summer air since we’ve been gone.  We are trying to hold on to that easy summer feeling as long as we can.  We made a run to Fairway and Baked yesterday and I was reminded how much I love it here!
*Drying clothes on the porch.  (Inside out so the sun doesn’t fade colors).

*Pink Nags Head sunrise.  (We woke Ada up early for it and walked on the beach when it was light).

*Morning surrey ride on the boardwalk in Wildwoods, NJ.
What was your best summer vacation?