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We originally made these fish necklaces for part of our Halloween costumes.  Josie has since claimed them so I decided to post about how to make them.  We also made some individual fish for use with the play kitchen and Josie has been cooking them up all morning.  To make your own felt fish necklace you will need:

*Various Colors of Felt (We use wool felt from Wool Felt Central)

*Embroidery Thread in Contrasting Colors

*Embroidery Needle



*Card Stock to Make Pattern


1. Draw fish shape on card stock and cut out.

2. Stack two sheets of the same color felt, hold fish pattern on top and carefully cut out fish shape.

3. Place a bit of stuffing inside of two fish and use blanket stitch to sew together with embroidery thread.  Older kids could do this part themselves.

4. After stitching the perimeter of the fish, put the needle up through the head and sew an X through both sides to make an eye.

5. Pass the needle and thread down to the center of the fish’s tail and leave hanging until all fish are sewn.

6. To make a necklace, use the hanging threads to sew fish head to tail.  To make individual fish, just cut the thread.

*These would make a cute garland, or the long string could be tied to a dowel to make a toy fishing pole.

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