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We spent the week celebrating, adventuring and eating great food with good friends.  We are feeling thankful for healthy families and how lovely it is to see the little ones merge into the family of old friends.  I hope you are all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Here are some Instagrams from the week:

*The Costume Room Beside the Stage (Full of magic vintage costumes, at this amazing place.)

*Ada, Breakfast

*Spread at Scratch Bread (Some of my favorite baked goods ever, conveniently and dangerously just around the corner from us.  The Bourbon Wheat bread is insane.)

*Cat Tails for the City Girl

*Fruit in Chinatown on Thanksgiving

*Beautiful Gummybears, Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

*Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate with Homemade Black Pepper Marshmallow, Scratch (Way too good to share with the kids.)

*Vintage Ballet Poster, Big Indian Springs (Home to a ballet school in the 1960’s.)

*Big Indian Springs

*Beaded Charms, Chinatown

*Thanksgiving Leftovers, Nha Trang  

*Decorating the Stage, Big Indian Springs

Have a wonderful weekend!