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German glass glitter is amazing stuff.  It tarnishes as it ages and creates a super-sparkly vintage look.  We used silver to make our stars, but the glitter also comes in lots of beautiful colors.  German glass glitter is actually made from glass, so you need be careful and wear gloves when you work with it, but the results are worth the extra care.  We made these star and moon decorations for a friend’s birthday party.  They hung on the edges of a stage and were bright in the candle and stage lights.  We took some home for Ada’s room after the party.  To make your own Glass Glitter Stars you will need:

*Cardboard (We used recycled boxes)

*German Glass Glitter

*Craft Glue

*Hole Punch


*Large Paintbrush (To spread glue)

*String to Hang

*Wax Paper

*Rubber Gloves (to protect hands)

1. Draw stars and moon shapes onto cardboard and cut out.

2. Punch a hole in each for hanging.

3. Lay cardboard shapes out on layers of wax paper and squeeze a generous amount of glue on each star.

4. Using the paintbrush, spread glue evenly over the entire surface of stars and moon.

5. Put on the gloves.  Sprinkle glitter heavily over glue and leave a thick layer of glitter as the glue dries.  Be sure to leave the punched hole clear of glitter.  Use a pencil to clean out hole if needed.

6. Carefully shake off excess glitter onto the wax paper when glue is dry.  The paper can then be folded and extra glitter returned to the container for reuse.

7. Flip stars and moon over and repeat glue and glitter process.  (Don’t forget to leave your hole clear for hanging).

8. When both sides of stars are dry, string them up out of reach of the kids.

*These stars would make beautiful Christmas tree ornaments or garland!

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