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I always wondered why no one inside the blizzard of a snow globe seemed to be wearing appropriate clothing.  (And how am I supposed to get my four-year-old to wear a hat with all of those bad examples?)  So I decided to make our own version and knit up a scarf for the occupant.  To make your own Blizzard-Ready Snow Globe you will need:

*Recycled Jar

*Small Knitting Needles (We used a US 3 pair)

*Scrap Yarn

*Plastic Figurine (With a neck that will hold a scarf)

*Baby Oil

*White and Silver Glitter (We used a combination of regular, Mica, and a bit of Silver German Glass for sparkle.  Meyer Imports is a great glitter resource)


*Fabric Scrap (Optional, to cover jar lid)


*Craft Glue

1. Knit up your scarf: Cast on 2 sts.  Work in Stockinette for desired length and cast off.  Trim ends to about 1/4 inch and unravel to make fringe.

2. Wash and dry jar.  Soaking in hot soapy water will help remove label glue.  We also used Charlie’s Soap to get off particularly stubborn glue.

3. Place a dab of epoxy on the neck of figurine and attach scarf.  Tie scarf after dry.

4. Epoxy plastic feet to inside of the jar lid.  Allow to dry.

5. Cut out fabric circle to fit outside bottom of jar lid and glue in place with craft glue.  (This will cover any writing on the jar top).

6. Place glitter inside jar.

7. Carefully squirt baby oil inside jar, leaving just enough space for your figurine to fit.  The baby oil will make the glitter snow fall more slowly than it would if you filled globe with water.

8. Place figurine upside down inside jar.  If there is still room for more baby oil, hold the figurine back up above jar and slowly squirt in more oil.  (I don’t like seeing a big air bubble at the top of a snow globe).  Wipe off any excess oil from rim of jar.

9. Squirt a bit of craft glue around the threads of the jar and screw down tight.  The glue will help keep the jar sealed.

10. Turn over the jar and let it snow!