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I need to use tricks to get Ada to wear winter clothes.  These tricks usually involve the color pink, but she loves this scarf and will wear it without a fuss.  I mentioned this pattern briefly last winter, but it is that time of year again.  The Polar Bear Scarf is such an easy project that there is still time to make one up before Christmas morning.  I used this scarf pattern pattern by Pat Feeley for High Country Knitwear, available for download for $1.  I modified the pattern slightly and used a cashmere blend yarn to make it super soft.

Here are some more super-cute kids’ knits:

*Abbey from Aesthetic Outburst posted about these adorable hedgehog mittens, available as a kit from from Morehouse Farm Knits.  Morehouse Farms has more Critter Knits here.

*Elephant Scarf Elephant Scarf at Acorn Toys is soft and friendly.

*Sweet William has a sweet and warm alpaca pullover by Oeuf with bunny ears here.