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PartyAnimials1Hat3Hat2HatWe have been planning to make the animals some felt party hats for a while.  Now that the holidays are over and the weather is gloomy the animals are ready for a party.  We loved these paper party hats from Oh Happy Day!  We wanted to make our hats a little more durable for play so our version uses felt, glue and elastic thread.  Ada made the flag banner in the background with color chips and a hole punch.  To make your own Mini Felt Party Hats you will need:

*Card Stock or Paper for Pattern

*Assorted Felt

*Mini Pom Poms


*Needle and Thread


*Elastic Thread (We used 9mm)

1. Using the pattern above, cut out felt shapes to fit your animals.

2. Stitch two straight edges of felt together.

3. Stitch pom pom on top and tie thread.  (I pushed the needle up through the top of the hat and then through the pom pom).

4. Using the needle, bring elastic thread through two sides of hat and tie knots inside.  Adjust per animal as needed.

5. Squirt glue inside hat, spreading evenly along the inside.  Allow hat to dry on its side, being careful not to squish the hat out of shape.  The glue will cause the felt to stiffen as it dries, making it more durable.

6. When hats are dry, dress the animals and bake a cake!