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The city is working on some water mains down our block and has shut off our water during “working hours” for the next week.  The working hours seem not to fit the schedule of those of us who work at our houses, but oh well.  It feels a bit like pre-indoor plumbing days around here and we have pressed some of our large ironstone pitchers into service to hold water reserves for the day.  We have been using them to water plants, flush toilets, and wash hands.  Every household used to have at least one set of a similar large pitcher and basin for washing hands and faces before faucets spouted instant water.  I have always been drawn to the smooth white shapes of these vessels at flea markets.  (These two happen to be from the attic of Chris’ grandparents).  Sets of ironstone pitchers and basins can be found for relatively low prices these days. We tend to separate the two pieces and use our basins for toy and napkin storage, as well as for hand-washing linens.  The pitchers make perfect large vases and are especially lovely filled with peonies.  You can find your own ironstone pitchers here on Ebay and Etsy.  (Hopefully you will have water from your own sink to fill them with).