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I love Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, I really do.  I have used their natural cleaning products for years.  But when I am pregnant and have super smelling powers the fragrance of Mrs. Meyer’s can make my head spin.  (Did I mention we are expecting a third baby in August?)  So, when I spotted Caldrea dish soap at Target the other day I gave them a cautious sniff.  They smell amazing!  The scents seemed powerful and fresh without being overpowering.  I gathered up some Hibiscus Yuzu, Citron Ginger and Blackberry Mint.  They cost $5.99 each and the bubbles turned out to last for an entire sinkful of dishes.  (We are crazy people who eat off of vintage dishes and glassware and never use our dishwasher because it would harm the bakelite and wash away Swanky Swigs decals).  The Caldrea soap smell seemed to pleasantly last through washing but did not linger for the next several hours.  I will have to seriously consider my return to Mrs. Meyer’s after the baby comes and my Spidey Sense wanes.