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When I was pregnant with Ada five(!) years ago I worked as a shoe designer.  In an office.  I had air conditioning and sweet coworkers who would bring me snacks when I was hungry, (which was all of the time).  I sat at a desk most of the day and noticed every little kick and movement the baby made.  I don’t think I realized how spoiled I was at the time.  Being pregnant with two other children is a whole different animal.  I rarely sit still in my day, there is hardly ever a period of quiet in the house and I am generally too busy to pay much attention to this pregnancy.  This baby does seems to love bedtime stories and moves all around as we lie in bed and read to the girls.  Our evening routine is one of the rare times I notice the baby moving.  When I was on maternity leave before Ada was born, I spent hours knitting sweaters for her and wondering who this little person in my belly would be.  (Everyone I walked by on the street liked to spontaneously share that my huge belly most certainly contained a boy).  Today is a rainy day in Brooklyn.  A rare day in which we don’t have too much too do outside and the dampness has negated any yard work we had planned. The rain tapping on the roof is making Josie look a bit drowsy.  I am hoping for a long nap from her.   And maybe, just maybe an hour or two of quiet knitting and thinking about who this next baby will be.