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We found this table on the street last week.  I drove past it, and then looped back after a minute of thought.  (I love good street finds- they are one of the best parts about city living.  I also love putting stuff out on the stoop when we are finished with it.  Anything good will be gone in a couple of hours, and everyone is happy).  We recently moved our large bookshelf out of the girls’ room and into the office to make room for their bunk beds.  The girls have made a habit of looking at books in the office, which is great, except for the huge piles they leave on the floor every few hours.  We have been looking for/ designing/ planning to build a small bookshelf for the girls’ room and this little table happened to fit perfectly under the window.  Our new plan includes my filling up their table with fresh books every morning.  When they have read them all they stack the books back onto the table and I rotate new ones off of the big bookshelf.  This way the girls get to read new books each day, and I get to deal with less mess.