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Happy Friday!

We can feel summer slipping away over here.  The light is changed since we returned from vacation.  The bees have started kicking the drones out of the hives for the cooler weather ahead, poor boys.  The garden is as full as it will get and we are thinking about what worked and what we will amend for next year.  We are planning winter projects and looking back at the steps we made over the summer.  Fall is my favorite time of year in this spot.  The sun is bright and strong, but no longer wilting.  We spent our last summer day at the park yesterday.  Ada is starting kindergarten on Monday!  I am still a bit in denial, and promise not to cry until we are out of her sight.  Autumn is such an exciting and transforming time of year.  It always makes me feel like change is on its way.  What are your plans for the new season?

Instagrams form the last few weeks:

*Ivy in the Window

*Fort Construction

*Josie on the Last Summer Beach Day

*Sleepy Dare in the Pouch

*Early Snowman at The Magic Forest, Lake George NY.  (We were skeptical, but The Magic Forest was pretty amazing.  The forgotten amusement park is small, quiet, shady and perfectly kitschy.  They have a Snow White animatronic exhibit which claims to be from the 1939 World’s Fair, but is in fact even older.  Mouse Planet has a great post about The Magic Forest’s history here.  The gift shop was a beautiful dusty jumble of beaded belts, felt cowboy hats and rubber souvenir tom-toms).

*Magic Forest Angels