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(First days of Kindergarten and a newborn baby certainly make for sparse blog posts around here…Sorry about that).

It was a hot July around here to be pregnant. My few pleasures involved eating and sleeping, and towards the end not even those were making me happy.  I had heard how amazing linen sheets are to sleep on and in a moment of weakness I ordered an expensive set of them online.  (I have never spent this much money on sheets and felt a little ill after I hit the confirm button).  But when the sheets arrived and we spent the first night sleeping on them, I felt much better.  (OK, technically I still felt ill and had to wake up to pee every hour, but the time spent actually sleeping was kind of amazing).  The sheets are huge- they generously touch the floor on both sides of the bed.  The color is soft and calming- they even look good when I am too lazy to make the bed.  Linen lasts for years and just gets softer with age.  And they are absolutely lovely to sleep on.  The sheets are a heavier weight than cotton, but light and cool in hot weather.  Now that the season is changing the sheets feel warm and comfortable at night.  I had planned to switch back to our normal cotton sheets when Dare was born.  She is in our bed and babies can be quite messy creatures, but I could not bring myself to switch back to cotton sheets.  I hid all of the cotton sheets upstairs.  I am in love and I cannot go back.  The baby seems pretty happy with them as well.

If you want to be really really nice to a pregnant woman (or yourself) you can find linen sheets here:  Restoration Hardware’s sheets, Garnet Hills sheets, vintage linen sheets on Ebay and Etsy.

Sweet dreams!