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There is pretty much nothing I like better than spending the day at the flea market.  Chris asked me what I want to do for a 40th birthday party next year and I told him I wanted to spend the day at the flea.  I wasn’t kidding.  This past weekend I got to spend a few hours in beautiful fall weather at my favorite flea, Todd Farm in Rowley Mass.  We gave the girls $2 each to spend and they were (relatively) well behaved for a few hours while we all searched for treasure.  I have an idea to give the girls a larger amount of money when they get older in order for them to buy something of value, resell it and use that money to buy something else…a bit of a financial lesson which they are in no way interested in at the moment.  Todd Farm is an outdoor market with over 200 vendors.  It is full of amazing vintage and antique finds (and only a very small amount new items, too many of which ruin a flea market in my opinion).  The grounds at Todd Farm are grassy and surrounded by trees and parking is free.  It is one of my all-time favorite spots.  Here are some of our finds from the day:
*Heavy Glass Sugar Shaker (To add to our vintage bar ware) $1

*Spotted Juice Glass (To add to my collection.  This just barely made my $3-$4 limit for juice glass purchasing, but it is in perfect shape) $4

*Wicker Trash Basket (To be painted white and put into the bathroom.  It will replace a plastic one that has seen better days) $1

*Wooden Beads (For the girls to make into necklaces) $1

*Large Galvanized Metal Watering Can (To water the plants behind the bee hives, out of my reach with the hose.  This will replace the ugly plastic one we currently use) $10

Total amount spent on these treasures: $17.  Add in the $4 we gave to the girls and the grand total comes to $21.  A bargain price for a few hours of outdoor family time and a happy Mama.