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Our house is full of rubber balls.  The girls love to drop them from the top of the stairs and watch them bounce and roll down the four floors.  It is annoying, not to mention treacherous to step on the remnants of the girls’ physics experiments on the bottom floors.  I decided to designate this Anchor Hocking Cracker Jar the official ‘Ball Jar’.  We got our cracker jar from Target for under $6.  Anchor Hocking still produces their glass products in the United States, as they have since 1905.  The girls are now in charge of rounding up their lost charges after the descent and herding them into the jar on Ada’s mantel.  The rubber balls look pretty and organized staring out of their glass windows.  (Pretty much anything looks beautiful when it is shown in multiples inside of a jar).   And we have hopefully all averted a trip to the emergency room.