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We started making these collages with Ada when she was first learning her colors.  I was having trouble explaining subtle differences in shade and tone to a two-year-old.  Why is green so many different colors?  Should I really make a toddler try to say chartreuse?  I decided to have her help define what falls under a color’s given name.  We laid out a pile of collage scraps, Ada picked out pieces for one color at a time and then glued them to a white square.   She has continued making the collages and I love the little compilations that have come out of the project.  (I don’t think I would have thought to add the sticky side of masking tape to the “tan” collage, or to glue down metal chain to the “yellow”).  The squares make a pretty sort of quilt when hung up together.  They are even fun to make on your own if you don’t have kids.  To make your own Color Collage you will need:

*White Card Stock (Ours were 5″ X 5″ squares)

*Craft Glue

*Collage Materials (fabric, string, paper, glitter, buttons, etc).

*Crayons, Markers, Colored Pencils, etc.

1. Pick a color for the first collage.

2. Find collage scraps that match the color.

3. Glue down scraps to card stock.

4. Color with markers or crayons.

5. Repeat with other colors.

6. Allow glue to dry.  Hang up collages on their own, or group them together on a wall.
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