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Art supplies and books are my favorite gifts for kids. We decided to organize this birthday gift around a color theme, and then continue the theme onto the wrapping paper.  (Check out the You Are My Fave blog’s ‘in the box’ section for beautiful themed gift inspiration).  Our color gift includes Seasons by Blexbolex and Pantone Colors – both beautiful, color-centric books.  (I selfishly buy books I love for kids).  We also used the Todd Oldham for Target Kid Made Modern watercolor set so our birthday girl could create her own color masterpieces.  To make your own colorblock wrapping paper you will need:

*Brightly Colored Tissue Paper

*Double-stick Tape


1. Fold tissue paper in half.  Place a strip of double-stick tape along the folded seam.

2. Place a folded, contrasting color of tissue paper along the tape and press to stick.

3. Cut tissue to fit gift.

4. Wrap each gift with different color combinations, put a strip of tape between each and stack.  Tie with a ribbon.  We added some star-filled bouncy balls from Target.  Enjoy!