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This is one of those photographs that may not be beautiful to anyone but me.  This is a stack of clean cloth diapers on our dresser.  We can see this stack from our bed and it makes me feel happy when the stack is high and neatly folded.  It feels like a full pantry to me, like having supplies on hand.  We have used these for both kids and the routine of washing and drying has become second nature to us.  My sister just had a baby girl and I was reminded of how many questions we had – about diapers and sleep and feeding when Ada was born.  It is strange how stressed out the tiny details can make you at first, and then those details become the daily routine.  And then the routine turns into years and the details are blended into the memories.  I wonder what I will remember about the early days with children when I am an old woman.  I know I will remember the smell of a new baby head, and how Ada looked curled up against Chris as she slept.  I bet I will remember the stack of diapers.