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Ada came up with this project.  I was going to make arms for the clothespins with the pipe cleaners and she decided they would make better clothes.  She cut out the felt blankets with her scissors and the girls used crayons to decorate the shells for beds.  To make your own you will need:

*Wooden Clothespins

*Pipe cleaners



*Large Seashells

*Scissors (We used Safety Scissors)

*Permanent Marker

1. Draw eyes on the clothespin with the permanent marker.

2. Hand the clothespin over to the kids to dress.  (Help them bend the end of the pipe cleaner wire into the opening on clothespin).

3. Let kids decorate shells with crayons, and cut out blankets with safety scissors.  (Ada made sinks out of the spiral shells and beds out of the clams).

4. Store the clothespin dolls in a shoebox house or zipper pouch.

5. Enjoy some peace while the kids play with their new family.