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We have started a list of house projects for the upcoming indoor season.  Chris and I have a habit of getting overwhelmed by the number of things that need to be home-improved around here, and it prevents us from making progress on any of them.  We have decided to break down smaller projects and finish one per month while we save and plan for a huge house renovation.  One of the things on my list was to fix this little lamp’s shade.  We have had the lamp next to the bed for a long time, but the shade was always a little strange.  I got really sick of it when I was pregnant, borrowed some of Ada’s acrylic paints and covered it with what turned out to be an even stranger pearly metallic green.  We then bought and then returned two replacement shades, neither of which looked quite right above the little basket.  Finally I decide to try covering the existing shade with linen.  It was such a simple project and took less than an hour.  Such an improvement!  Why hadn’t I thought of that years ago?  To refresh your own lamp shade you will need:

* Linen Fabric (Be sure the fabric color and weave is heavy enough to cover existing shade color)

*Paper for Pattern




*Craft Glue

*Large Paintbrush

*Ribbon (To cover top edge)

1. Using your ruler, draw a straight line down from top to bottom of the lamp shade.  (Or use the existing seam if your shade has one).  Position the shade’s pencil line along the edge of paper.

2.  Roll shade and trace outline, stopping when you return to the line on shade.  The shade will create a curved shape as it rolls. Using the ruler, draw a straight line 1/4″ past the point where the shade stopped rolling.  This will allow for overlap of the fabric and create a neat seam on the lampshade.

3. Add 1/4″ each on top and bottom of curve.  This will fold over top and bottom of shade.
4. Cut out paper pattern, place on linen and cut out.
5. Squirt glue onto one side of the shade, as show.  (Don’t cover the whole shade at once or it will be messy).
6. Use your brush to evenly smooth out glue.Lamp8
7. Slowly roll shade onto linen, keeping it the 1/4″ on top and bottom.
8. Add more glue, brush and roll until shade is covered.  Slightly overlap the ends of the linen, glue and press down neatly.

9. Brush a little glue along the inside top of shade and fold linen over.  Gently press and smooth with your fingers as you go to work out any bumps in the linen.

10. Repeat for bottom of shade as shown.
11. Brush on glue and smooth ribbon on to top of shade.  You can add a bottom ribbon as well.

12. Allow glue to dry and try on your new shade!