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We have been holding off on decorating the tree until this weekend.  (We actually bought one last Saturday and stuck it in the back yard.  It has been taunting the kids through the window all week and is now frozen into a bucket of ice…)  In order to distract the girls from the trimming of the real tree, we came up with these paper versions.  To make your own Watercolor Christmas Trees you will need:

*Heavy Weight Paper.  (We used this Kid Made Modern Paper)

*Watercolors and Brushes


*Craft Glue

*Sequins, Glitter, Colored Pencils

1. Draw and cut out various sizes of triangles and rectangles.  You need three triangles and one rectangle per tree.

2. Paint triangles with greens and rectangles with browns.  Allow paint to dry.

3. Assemble and glue tree together.  (We stared with the stem and then layered triangles in decreasing size as we worked our way up).   Allow to dry.

4. While you are waiting, have kids draw and cut out stars using the scrap paper.  Ada added some grass and a single triangle tree made with colored pencils.

5. Glue on glitter, sequins, stars and paper ornaments.

6. Allow trees to dry and then hang up the forest.