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Snow!  This week has brought the first real taste of winter to Brooklyn.  All of a sudden it really feels like the holiday season and the kids are excited about decorations and treats to come.  We are decorating the tree, making the gingerbread house and taking the two big girls to The Nutcracker this weekend.  I dug out the winter books and we snuggled in to watch the snow fall this morning.  These are three of our favorite snow stories, which also make perfect holiday gifts for kids:

*Snow by Roy McKie (This book’s bright illustrations and happy story make it as fun to read today as when I was a kid).

*The Mitten by Jan Brett (The beautifully detailed drawings bring a Ukrainian folk tale to life).

*The Hat by Jan Brett (Inspired by a true story of a hedgehog.  Both The Hat and The Mitten feature vignettes on each page which hint at events to come as the story unfolds).

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!