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StencilHeartsOverlap StencilFlowers2 StencilHeartEnvelopes

These Heart Stencil Valentines are simple to make and require only simple supplies to complete.  To make your own you will need:

*Card Stock



*Envelopes (Optional)

1. Fold a piece of card stock in half.

2. Draw half a heart along the crease and cut out.

3. Unfold and you will have a symmetrical heart stencil.  Repeat steps 1-3 to make different size heart stencils.

4. Place stencil on top of blank card, hold firmly in place and rub crayon over the opening, completely filling in the heart shape.

5. Remove stencil and repeat.

6. We overlapped various size heart stencils and colored them in with different crayons to create a pretty pattern on the first card.  We drew stems and leaves under heart shapes to make a garden of flowers on the second card.