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I started working on this flag garland for Josie’s upcoming birthday and realized it would make a great Valentine project.  I promise it is easy and you still have a weekend to make it.  These flags are small enough that we used only scraps from other projects and didn’t have to buy any new fabric.  There is a mix of vintage and some Liberty prints here.  (Oh Liberty of London, how I love you!)

You will need:

*Various fabric pieces.  Hearts show up better on contrasting squares.

*Scalloped Scissors (or pinking or straight will work as well).

*Ribbon.  We used satin 1/4″.

*Card stock to make pattern.

*Sewing Machine and/or needle and thread.  I machine sewed the hearts through the centers, but you could also hand stitch.

1. Cut 4″ x 31/2″ rectangle from card stock. These will become 31/2″ squares as the back is folded over ribbon.  (Any size you choose will work, just remember to leave 1/2″ to fold over).

2. Fold another piece of card stock in half.  Trace half a heart to fit on the size rectangle you choose.  Open and you will have an even heart pattern.  Our heart was 3″ across widest point when open.

3.Trace desired number of rectangles and hearts and cut out.  We had 20 of each.

4. Stitch center of hearts down on rectangles.  Be sure to line up the bottom of the heart with the bottom of the rectangle.  We alternated up and down hearts.  Machine or hand stitching will work.

5. Fold the half inch at the top of rectangles back over ribbon and hand stitch down. Be sure to use tiny stitches on the front side.  We spaced ours out about half an inch between rectangles.

6. Hang.  Hooray Valentines Day!