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Woven1Woven2Woven3Woven4Woven5Happy February!  February 1st kicks off Valentine season around here.  We are digging out the decorations today, hanging wax hearts in the windows and fabric garland across the mantels.  I know some people like to hate on Valentine’s Day, but I really do love it.  Flowers, chocolate, pretty cards and grouping of red colors are some of my favorite things.  We are working on a few different DIY Valentine cards and will post the how-tos over the next few days.  This is a good project to make with kids as the washi tape tears easily by hand.  To make your own version of this Woven Washi Tape Valentine you will need:

*Card Stock

*Washi Tape in Red, Pink and White Colors



*Envelope (Optional)

1. To make heart shape, fold card stock in half and draw half a heart with the folded line in the center.  Cut out half heart while folded and then unfold.  Reuse this pattern by tracing on to other pieces of card stock.

2. Stick tape down on heart in alternating vertical and horizontal lines.  Be sure the tape extends to edges of heart, as you will trim excess at the end.

3. Once desired pattern is achieved, turn heart over and use scissors to trim excess tape.

4. Write your message and place in envelope.  These square vellum envelopes from Envelope Mall are our favorites.  We buy them in bulk and keep them ready for letter writing.