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HeartString1BHeartString2HeartString3HeartString4HeartString5HeartString6HeartString8This glittery valentine is easy to make and folds flat for mailing.  To make your own String of Hearts Valentine you will need:

*Card Stock


*Hole Punch

*Craft Glue

*Soft Paintbrush

*Wax Paper

*Glitter in Red, White and Pinks



*Washi Tape (Optional)

*Permanent Pen (Optional for note writing)

1. Make heart pattern by folding card stock in half, drawing half a heart with center along crease and cutting out with scissors. Make three sizes of hearts, trace onto card stock and cut out.

2. Punch holes in all hearts.

3. Lay hearts out on layer of wax paper.

4. Squirt a layer of glue onto one side of each heart and spread evenly with paintbrush.  Be sure to go all the way to the edges.

5. Generously sprinkle a layer of glitter on to each heart and allow glue to dry, (about an hour).  Hearts may bow with glue moisture, but they will flatten after you glitter both sides.

6. Shake off excess glitter and repeat steps 3-5 for the other side of hearts.  (Extra glitter can be put back into containers at the end by folding wax paper in half and carefully shaking glitter back into jars).

7. Tie dried hearts on to twine. 

8. If you are writing a message, fold washi tape in half along twine and stick back on to itself.  Cut ends in flag shapes as shown and write your note along the tape pieces.  (We wrote ‘Sending Lots of Love!’).

9. Carefully fold up hearts along string to fit inside card, place in envelope and send off to your valentine.