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Ada and I made these simple, sugar-free valentines for her classmates.  I cut and she directed, strung and decorated.  You will need:

*Fabric.  We used vintage and Liberty scraps.

*Scalloped scissors (or pinking or straight will work)

*Hole punch

*Yarn or ribbon

*Glitter glue, sparkles, etc.

*Card stock for pattern

1. Fold card stock in half.  Trace half a heart and cut out.  Unfold and you will have an even heart.

2. Trace pattern onto fabric.  We used chalk to trace.

3. Punch hole in corner of heart.

4. Let the kids decorate away.  Let the decorations dry and string onto yarn.

We stuck our valentines inside envelopes and wrote a little message on each.

Happy Valentines Day! XOXO