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Oh Brimfield, how I love you.  You never know what you will find there in the mix of strange and beautiful things and wandering around looking at antiques for hours is my idea of Heaven.  I get such inspiration from the design and quirky ingenuity of objects from the past.  The materials are often more beautiful and sturdy after 50 years than things for sale in stores today.  Thanks to my in-laws, I got an early Mother’s Day gift:  an entire day wandering the rows and rows and fields and fields of antiques with Chris and without children.  Despite the rain, and only a few small purchases, it was a wonderful day.

My List of Favorite Mother’s Day gifts so far (in no particular order):

*Unexpected flowers at my desk at work when I was first pregnant with Ada.

*Big bunches of cut peonies, lilac, lilies and iris – delivered by Ada in her pjs.  Chris got her up early, went to the market, and then left me alone to put them all in vases as he and Ada cooked pancakes.

*Brimfield with my love, who walked around for hours in the rain and pretended to be as excited as I was about all of the treasures.

What is on your list of best gotten or given gifts?

Here are some photos from the day: