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Happy Halloween!

It has been a dramatic and scary week for many of us here on the East Coast. We are thankful our family and friends are safe and that our home weathered the storm, and our hearts go out to those who were not so lucky. We spent a night upstairs Sunday sleeping away from tree the branches creaking and bending outside the windows. Chris and I were up late listening to the wind and hoping for the best during our first real storm in this old house. Ada and Josie jumped ecstatically on the feather bed we’d put down for them as we adults tried to look brave. This week also had our family waiting out a frightening but ultimately successful medical scare. We are so thankful that all is going well with our sweet cousin and niece. Both the storm and the surgery are now becoming the past and healing is starting. The last week makes me want to hug my girls and remember how lucky we are, and what a luxury it is to be able to take that for granted. Chris just left with the girls in their costumes for a Halloween party. They are off on adventure of first trick-or-treating and have quite forgotten about the scares of the past few days. I am happy to be here alone for the moment, in an empty and now quiet house, feeling thankful.