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I originally planned to make our thank-you cards by cutting apart holiday cards once the holidays were over.  Ada decided she wanted to keep the cards forever in her “special papers” box and refused to let the scissors anywhere near.  Luckily, she got glitter for Christmas.  So we cut some card stock into postcard sizes, rounded the edges with this corner-cutting rounder and let the girls go crazy with glue, glitter and crayons.  I love this set of glitter’s rainbow colors and variety of shapes.  (Thank you Aunt Anna!)  The glitter tubes are just small enough for little hands to grasp, and the shakers on top do a good job of controlling the glitter storm that usually erupts when a four-year-old gets to do her own shaking.  To make your own postcards you will need:

*Card Stock


*Corner Punch


*Craft Glue


1. Trim card stock to postcard size (The standard is 4″ x 6″).

2. Using the punch, round corners.

3. Let the kids color, glue and glitter.  (This works best if you color first.  I liked the cards that combined Josie’s coloring with Ada’s glittering).

4. Allow cards to dry, write your message and addresses on back.

5. Pop them in the mail.  Thank-yous done.