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I found this rack for $8 at an antique shop in Northwood, NH.  We weren’t sure what it was originally used for, but the color and price were right.  (It is genetically impossible for me to pass up a bargain with potential).  Our upstairs bathroom has a funky layout with no space for hanging towels, so Chris added some hooks and hung the pegboard on the wall above the tub.  Some days we have to hold ourselves back from digging under the old floors in this house and knocking down walls with our hammers.  (What the heck is under the tile that completely encases the clawfoot tub upstairs?)  Other days we can make peace with the slow renovation of an old house, one dependent on time and money we don’t always have right this minute.  Some days we can be happy with an $8 towel rack, and move on with life for the time being.