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Brooms1Brooms2Broom3These are our favorite cleaning tools.  I had the large sets first and found matching smaller brooms when Ada was old enough to use them.  Josie loves to help with the sweeping and the girls often turn the large brooms into horses and run around the kitchen while I cook.  I especially love that little horsehair brush and the woven detail along the handle of the large broom.  Cleaning is less of a chore if you have pretty tools!

We got our brooms here:

*Large and Small Straw Brooms are from Moon River Chattel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Moon River has an amazing selection of home goods, both new and vintage.

*We got our Small Dustpan and Brush from the children’s store Pomme in Dumbo, Brooklyn but they seem not to carry them any longer.  You can find a similar the same German-made Gluckskafer set here for an amazing $7 each.

*The Large Dustpan and Horsehair Brush set is from Kiosk , one of my favorite places in Manhattan.  I coveted this Swedish set for a long time before purchasing, but it is worth every penny.