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It is that time of year.  Time to tackle all of the little projects that show themselves in spring’s light: Window Washing, Quilt Airing, a good Floor Cleaning…I like to give our wooden cutting boards a good scrub with lemon and salt.  The lemon removes odors and the salt helps scrub away stains.  To clean your own wooden cutting boards you will need:



*Baking Soda (For tough odors)

1. Cut lemon in half.

2. Sprinkle salt on lemon.

3. Scrub and squeeze lemon on board to make a paste.  Add more salt as needed to cover the board and rub in a circular motion.

4. Allow salt and lemon to dry in the sun.

5. Wash and repeat if odors still linger.

6. For really tough stains or smells, add baking soda to the salt mix and scrub.

7. When boards are clean, allow to dry in a sunny window.

Now on to the windows…

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