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ConvoFlower1ConvoFlower2 ConvoFlower3Conversation Hearts are some of my favorite Valentine’s Day candies.  Choosing the perfect message for someone took up a lot of our time back in grade school around this time of year.  This simple card is made using Conversation Hearts and tiny flowers.  To make your own Conversation Heart Flower Valentine you will need:

*Card Stock


*Conversation Hearts

*Small Flowers


*Green Paper

*Craft Glue

*Double-Stick Tape

1. Cut out two rectangles from the card stock, one slightly larger than the other.  These will make the frame for the flowers.

2. Double-stick tape the frames, one inside and on top of the other.  Center frame on card and stick down.

3. Put thin strips of double-stick tape on green paper and cut out leaf shapes.  Pull tape backing from leaves and stick onto frame.

4. Draw stems.

5. Using craft glue, stick on heart and flowers.

6. Allow to dry completely before placing in envelope.

*The bulk of the Conversation Hearts make this card difficult to mail.  It is best delivered by hand.