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CrayonHeart1CrayonHeart2CrayonHeart3CrayonHeart4CrayonHeart6CrayonHeart5This Framed Crayon Heart Valentine starts out with some good old-fashioned scribbling.  The kids, (or adults) can be as messy as they want with the coloring and the frame will contain and define the heart shape.  To make your own Framed Crayon Heart Valentine you will need:

*Crayons in Reds and Pinks

*Card Stock

*Exact-o Knife or Sharp Scissors

*Double-Stick Tape

*Thin Black Marker

1. Cut two pieces of card stock- one to form the card and the other slightly smaller than one side of the folded card.

2. Color one side of the smaller card stock making sure you go all the way to the edges.

3. Fold card in half and draw a heart on the inside front fold.

4. Using an Exact-o or scissors, cut out the heart shape.

5. On the outside of the card draw designs around the heart frame as shown.

6. Place double-stick tape along the inside of the card, around the heart shape.

7. Tape the colored card stock inside card, with coloring facing out through the heart frame.

8. Write your message inside card, place in the envelope and pop in the mail.

*One more week till V-day! XO