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I posted directions to make these Felt Alphabet Magnets a few months ago.  Ada has used her set on our fridge since she was first learning her letters.  I wanted to make an alphabet set as a gift for my niece, but wasn’t sure how they would look when they arrived through the mail.  (The magnets are really strong and they tend to stick together when they get the chance).  I decided to stitch the letters down to some card stock and then layer the sheets with tissue paper inside a box.  To make your own Felt Alphabet Magnet Gift you will need to:

1. Follow directions here to make alphabet letters

2. Cut card stock to fit snuggly inside box

3. Using thin thread and a needle, stitch up through the back of card stock. Catch the bottom of a felt letter and stitch it down, being careful not to poke through the top of the letter.  We used 2-3 stitches per letter to hold in place.

4. Place down your next letter and repeat.

5. When all letters are secure tie off thread.

6. Place tissue paper in box and layer card stock with letters in alphabetical order from the top down.

7. Fold tissue over the top of the letters and wrap up the box.

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