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These wool felt hearts are really reversible magnets for the fridge.  They are flat enough to put through the mail and make perfect valentines or invitations to a Valentine’s Day party.  You will need:

*Felt.  We used two colors of wool felt from Woolfeltcentral.com

*Embroidery Floss in contrasting color


*Two small, strong Magnets.  (You only need one if you don’t want the heart to be reversible).  We used Tiny Mighties


*Cardstock, or paper to make the pattern

1. Fold cardstock in half, draw half a heart along the fold. Unfold and you will have an even pattern.  Trace onto felt and cut.

2. Glue magnets on inside top of each heart cutout.  You don’t need much glue because the magnets will end up safely inside of the heart and won’t fall off.

3. Place a little stuffing on one side of the heart.  You can adjust stuffing position as you sew, and the stuffing will help prevent the strong magnets from sticking to each other.

4. Blanket stitch the hearts together.  Stuffing and magnets will be inside.  Push any stray stuffing inside as you sew.

5. Allow glue to dry.  If you are putting the heart through the mail you may want to fold it inside a note before putting it in the envelope.  We used vellum envelopes from Envelopemall.com