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I love Pinterest.  It is a guilty pleasure of mine that I admittedly don’t have enough time for.  (Here are my sparse Pinterest boards).  As much as I love the online version, I cannot let go of good old-fashioned magazine tears.  I love the tactile quality of ripping out pages and I love cutting out and collaging the images together.  I collect photos from the pages of Martha Stewart Living, Country Living, Anthropologie catalogs, Domino, Blue Print, Martha Stewart Weddings, etc. etc and paste them into large blank sketch journals.   I think my idea for these books came from the amazingly obsessive collections made by my great-grandmother.  (I will post on Gram’s books soon).  I have used the images from my books as inspiration boards when I worked in fashion, as reminders of how I want our home to look when going out to a flea market,  and as idea pages for styling work.  But most of the time I just enjoy flipping through the pictures and getting inspired.

*Sorry for my lack of image credits above.  Unlike with Pinterest, I don’t keep my sources credited in my books.  I will be happy to credit any images if you drop me an email!*

Happy collecting!